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Meet CTechEd

The Hillsborough Consortium for Technology and Education

is a not-for-profit  

founded by teachers, for teachers, about teaching.

Since beginning in 1997, the Center or CTechEd, has consistently provided professional learning to engage, support, and inspire educators

while honing instructional skills and promoting teacher-leadership.


 CTechEd provides...

needed educator certification courses,

promotes educator enrichment via webinars, pod casts, Twitter, and literature discussions,

hosts the ASPIRE! National Board Certification program.


Programming is aligned to current research and trends in education. As a 501(c)3, CTechEd values partners and partnerships who are aligned with our mission and core values.

Our Mission

To create opportunities for educators to enhance and improve professional practice inspired and invigorated through technology and 21st Century skills.

At Our Core

Providing accessible, current, inspiring high-quality professional learning which capitalizes on emerging technologies to support teachers as innovative, creative practitioners and as empowered teacher-leaders.


We strive to provide high quality professional learning opportunities based on insights from experience, collaboration, and data.

We champion the use of emerging ideas and technology to enhance teaching practice and student learning.


What We Value


We are dedicated to encouraging creative thinking and vision, to fostering learning & empowerment, & to motivating & energizing teaching & teachers.


We commit to create an environment which values teachers, enhances professional practice, develops knowledge of 21st Century skill building, and promotes the use of technology as a foundation for learning.

Our Teams

CTechEd Training Team
Tech Time Team
Current Trends Team

CTechEd Over Time

Each of these boxes below offers insight to a point in the history of CTechEd andhow our commitment to

the needs of teachers has been at the forefront of our practice. 

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