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a program to grow Accomplished Teaching and Teachers through National Board Certification

Interested in Board Certification?


The ASPIRE! program is here to help! 


This multifacted program of support leverages professional learning sessions along with individual support to prepare and promote candidate success. Participation builds understanding of the certification process and the NBPTS Body of Knowledge while giving candidates insight to constructing the candidacy portfolio. Participants become part of the ASPIRE! Learning Community and connect with mentors from the NBCT Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF) Cadre.


Enrich professional practice and gain deeper appreciation for yourself as an educator by becoming a candidate today!

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National Board CERTIFICATION overview

Need More Information?

LIVE ASPIRE!-ing to National Board Information Meeting for New Candidates

10/20/21 -- Tuesday @ 5:45 pm

ASPIRE!-ing to National Board Information Meeting for New Candidates

Recorded 9/21/21 

NBCT Maintenance of Certification Information Meeting

Recorded 10/11/21

ASPIRE! Live Information Sessions Available - Let's plan a session for your school!

To Schedule, contact:  or @ 813-679-0021


Missed the LIVE broadcast or want to hear it again? 

Follow the link to access the recording of the session!

ASPIRE! Online Information Meetings

ASPIRE! to Certification with Support! 



Initial and In-Process Board Certification Candidates


NBCTs Seeking Maintenance of Certification

ASPIRE! provides high-quality professional learning

for teachers seeking Board Certification

  • Monthly ASPIRE! Learning Community Sessions aligned to Certification Components and the MOC process

  • Professional Learning sessions to expand your toolkit and support your professional reflection -- offered LIVE & via recording 

  • Access to the ASPIRE! Online Learning Space with session recordings, guide sheets, and information updates

  • Individual support conferences throughout the cycle with Professional Learning Facilitator Mentors/Coaches

  • National Board Candidate $75 registration fee

Program fee: $295

For more information, contact Sabrina

More Opportunities!

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The KNOW MORE Series

The Nuts & Bolts of Becoming

a Board Certification Candidate

Meet the National Board Process

Broadcast September 14

What is required to become a Board Certified teacher? This session provides insight to the Certification process, including an overview of the four Components of the certification portfolio.


Become a Certification Candidate

Broadcast September 21

How do you become a candidate? What steps do you take to register with the National Board? This session shares how to register with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and important steps to take in launching your candidacy.


Navigating Certification: Time & Cost

Broadcast September 28

Certification does take time and has some expense. This session shares insights and resources available to help you best navigate your candidacy.


Planning Your Certification Path

Broadcast October 5

What should you consider when planning your certification path? For example, how many Components should you complete in a cycle? Which Components should you begin with? This session will share insights and give you a foundation for planning how you move forward as a candidate.


What Should Teachers Know and Be Able to Do

Exploring the foundation of Board Certification and the 5 Core Propositions

What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do

What's On?

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Fall Book Walk

S1 Meet Core Proposition 1-LIVE 9/22/21 @ 6:30 pm

S2 Meet Core Proposition 2-LIVE 9/29/21 @ 6:30 pm

S3 Meet Core Proposition 3-LIVE 10/6/21 @ 6:30 pm

S4 Meet Core Proposition 4-LIVE 10/13/21 @ 6:30 pm

S5 Meet Core Proposition 5-LIVE 10/20/21 @ 6:30 pm

S6 What's Next? - LIVE 10/27/21 @ 6:30 pm

Register for each session using this link:


Missed a session?

Use the link to access the recording

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Professional Learning Facilitator Cadre

Are you a currently certified NBCT?


Grow your teacher leader skills, promote Board Certification, support other educators, expand your educational foot print!

Join the ASPIRE!

Professional Learning Facilitator Cadre!

As a Cadre member you receive special learning opportunities and become an influencer in the ASPIRE! Learning Community, 


as part of this dynamic, professional group!


All NBCTs registering to participate in the ASPIRE! program must complete the PLF Academy. Sessions available online. 

For additional information, contact Sabrina Gates


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