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Participant Support

For the past 7 certification cycles, ASPIRE! participants have received scholarships for ASPIRE! program fees and or for NBPTS Portfolio fees. Generous support from donors, including the Hillsborough Education Foundation, the W.I.S.E. Foundation, Suncoast Schools Credit Union, and individual donors as well as program support from CTechEd, Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association, National Education Association,and Hillsborough County Public Schools, have made the fiscal cost of candidacy navigatable. 

Opportunities for financial support may be available to you as a National Board Candidate. ASPIRE! program managers work consistently to keep candidates apprised of scholarship opportunities. Additionally, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards offers a very flexible payment plan to ensure teachers have access to candidacy. 


Financial support for participants may be available. See current opportunities below.

Are you an Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association member? A limited number of scholarships may be available for union-member candidates attending the JUMP START Academy. The scholarship covers the cost of the JUMP START Academy plus gives access to cycle-long support from the ASPIRE! program*. 

Jump Start dates: July 24-26 8:45am-4:00pm

*Participants must pay the NBPTS candidate registration fee ($75) through ASPIRE!

Begin by registering for the ASPIRE! program and the JUMP START Academy.





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